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Beautiful day up close with humpback whales: VIDEO

Tuesday, Sept. 27 – Mama and baby humpback playing with us today! Calf was breaching and pec slapping. Humpback whales are scattered, feeding throughout the Bay.

Monday, Sept. 26– We found whales! 7-8 humpback whales and ~100 sea lions center of Monterey Bay.

Dolphins, Blues, Humpback Whales VIDEO

Here is some great video of lunge feeding. The bright pink baleen can be seen as the whale reaches the surface.

Monday, August 29
We started the trip accompanied by a pod of 100 common dolphins, bow riding and traveling along with us through Monterey Bay! Later we found about 10 humpback whales and one blue whale. Today they were diving deep for food! But we got to see flukes and close looks while they were at the surface.

Saturday & Sunday August 27/28
The last two days we’ve had awesome looks at blue whales! Blue whales are in Monterey Bay is large numbers this season, and they are friendly! They’ll swim close to the boat for great looks, and some have been seen lunge feeding!

Also we’ve had very active humpback whales – lunge feeding and showing wonderful surface behaviors. Today one humpback whale was doing a circus routine: a triple tail slap, 3 head throws, and then 3 breaches which it repeated and repeated.   Amazing!

We also had Risso’s dolphins further out in the bay.

Blue Whales Monterey Bay 2016. Photo: Travis Norton

“Every blue whale is here right now!”

Sightings Report Friday 8/5 – Thursday 8/11

Oh, Wow! ~ 15 Blue whales and twice as many humpback whales all around us now! “I think every blue whale in the greater Monterey Bay Area is here right now!”

5 Blue whales
Many humpback whales ~ awesome day!

Both days we spent some lovely time with a mother humpback and her 20 ft calf, tandem diving near Pajaro.

Humpback whale breach! photo: Amanda Kreft

Humpback whale breach! photo: Amanda Kreft

7 Fin whales
Dahl’s porpoises
Breaching humpback whale close to Santa Cruz!

Fin Whale, August 5, 2016. Monterey Bay, CA Photo: Michael Nelson

Fin Whale, August 5, 2016. Monterey Bay, CA Photo: Michael Nelson

Breaching humpback whale, July 23, Monterey Bay.  Photo: Buss Marple

Monterey Bay has it all!

Wednesday, July 27:
1 Fin whale, and a very friendly humpback whales swam alongside the boat for a while

Tuesday, July 26:
3 charming blue whales
1 friendly Fin whale
4 humpback whales one of which did a lot of tail slapping behavior
whale behaviors snapshot
Whale Surface Behaviors (Image Copyright Rainforest Publications)

Saturday, July 23:
20+ humpback whales
3 blue whales
Dozen Risso’s dolphins
Dozen Bottlenose dolphins
5 white sharks

BlueWhale-5 Buss Marple 7-23-16

BlueWhale-5 Buss Marple 7-23-16

Friday, July 22:
2 breaching humpback whales ~100 yards from the boat.
Many whales surfaced close by, showing pec-slaps 20 yards from the boat! Very friendly whales today.
2 sharks off New Brighton Beach — 5 foot and 8 foot long — drifting nearby the boat.

White shark 7-22-16 Michael Nelson

White shark 7-22-16 Michael Nelson

Thursday, July 21:
On Legacy:
1 breaching humpback
White sharks
Several sea otters

On Velocity:
2 Blue whales
Risso’s dolphins
8 Humpback whales

Wednesday, July 20:
A colossal blue whale! ~90 feet long
Several humpback whales sprinkled around the bay
7 white sharks – one was at least 9 feet long!
Small pod of foraging common dolphins
Lots of mola-mola (sunfish) and jellies

Sunday, July 17:
5 blue whales
60 humpbacks near Soquel Hole
Almost every type of surface behavior!

Friday, July 15:
Endless humpback whales
2 Fin whales
4 blue whales
Pod of common dolphins

Wednesday, July 13:
8 humpback whales
12 Risso’s dolphins
20 bottlenose dolphins
Lots of white sharks at Aptos

Friday, July 8:
1 Orca (killer whale)
2 white sharks
5 humpback whales
200 common dolphins

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So many whales! Blues and Humpbacks

Sunday, July 17, 2016: 60 humpback whales and 5 blue whales out at Soquel Canyon, breaching, tail slaps, throws, every type of surface behavior!

Saturday, July 16: Beautiful whale watching day! At one point we could count 20 humpback whales feeding around our boat, Legacy, and 2 blue whales.

Humpback Whales, Santa Cruz, CA

Fun week on Monterey Bay!

Sunday 7/3 — 6 humpback whales at Soquel — a single whale we call “Barney” and friend lunge feeding off Aptos — White shark at cement ship.
Saturday 7/2 — 4 humpback whales — dolphins!
Friday 7/1 — Humpback whales feeding near Soquel
Thursday 6/30 — Sharks and Orcas


June 8 - Breaching Humpback Whales, Monterey Bay, CA photo: Michael Nelson

Fin whales, humpbacks, blues and Risso’s dolphins

Tues 6/21 30 Risso’s dolphins, 100 common dolphins, 2 lunge-feeding humpback whales — Just 3 miles out!

IMG_8584 risso

6/16-20 FIN WHALES! + humpback whales, sharks at the cement ship

IMG_8456 6-17 IMG_8451-fin whale 6-17

Wed 6/15 Two humpback whales, tail throws (windy!)

Mon 6/13 The blue whales are back in the Santa Cruz side of the bay only 5 miles out from Natural Bridges



Sun 6/12 – 10 blue whales and this lovely Night Heron

Night Heron at the Santa Cruz Harbor

Night Heron at the Santa Cruz Harbor

orca, killer whales, santa cruz, monterey

Amazing encounters with orca and humpback whales

Wednesday June 8 – Today we came across a frisky humpback who put on a show: breaching, chin slaps, tail slaps and feeding for over an hour. A great day on Monterey Bay! #WorldOceansDay

Monday, June 6 – Amazing encounters with orca and humpback whales!
We came across 8 playful and friendly orcas who came right up to the boat. It seemed the older animals were training infant orcas to leap and lunge. The humpbacks were sleepy but showed some tail slapping/ curled fluke slapping,  too.

Orcas again this weekend!

June 6, 2016 Sightings Report for the weekend

Monday: 8 playful friendly Orcas today, out in the fog, plus 6 sleepy Humpback Whales.

Sunday: 10 Orcas — 6 of them swam under the boat! Plus a huge pod of Common Dolphins

Saturday: Humpback whales – lunge feeding

Friday: Humpback whales – breaching!

All our activity this weekend has been on Santa Cruz side of the bay near the Soquel Hole.

ORCA 6-5-16, photo: Jenn Yuhas

ORCA 6-5-16, photo: Jenn Yuhas