Whale Watching Monterey Bay

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Whale Watching Monterey CA is exclusive because it is one of the only places in the world you can experience whale watch anytime of the year. This is due to the Monterey Submarine Canyon or Monterey Canyon. It provides most whales and other marine life the perfect habitat by conserving the marine ecosystem. The canyon itself is approximately two mile deep, the same dept of the Grand Canyon, often referred to as the underwater Grand Canyon. Whale Watching Monterey CA affords watchers the chance to see whales interacting, mating, people watching and much more.

Whale Watching Monterey CA

Whale watching Monterey CA offers seven different species of Whales and seven different species of Dolphin & Porpoise year-round. The Humpback Whale is the most common whale found out of Santa Cruz, seen usually from April through November. Then from December through April, over 20,000 Gray Whales pass through our waters off of Santa Cruz. Sea Lions, Seals, Otters and nearly one hundred different species of sea birds, both endemic and migratory, are common; Even Sea Turtles, Jellies, Sunfish (mola mola) and Sharks at times can be seen at the surface. Our boat, the Velocity, can quickly and safely bring guests to wherever these animals are—from the shores of Monterey to Moss Landing and points North.

The Stagnaro family has been serving the Santa Cruz area for over a century when Italian Patriarch Cottardo Stagnaro settled in Santa Cruz in 1879. This historical landmark business is still providing Ocean Adventures to thousands of people each year. There is something for everyone; Calm Water Sanctuary Scenic Cruises, Whale Watching Trips, Dolphin & Sea Life Excursions, Sunset Cruises, San Francisco Day Trips and Private Group outings for any occasion. All trips are fully narrated and provide fascinating and educational insight by your knowledgeable crew.

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